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What to Pack for Your Timeshare Vacation

December 6, 2018
What to Pack for Your Timeshare Vacation

Packing can often be the most stressful part of a vacation. Remembering what to pack or realizing you forgot something after you've arrived at your destination often places an unnecessary burden on your timeshare vacation. An added benefit of a timeshare vacation is that if you forget something, you will most likely be easily able to buy that items at a nearby provisions store. Read our list of timeshare vacation essentials so you're always prepared.

Whether your vacation plans include a tropical beach or snow-filled ski slope, sunscreen should be an essential in your suitcase. Sunscreen provides much-needed protection from the sun's rays, which can be equally as strong on the slopes as they are on sand.

Book or Alternative Entertainment
One of the biggest luxuries of any timeshare vacation is the ability to unplug and relax. By bringing along a book or other form of entertainment, this relaxation becomes much easier to commit to. Bring that latest book release you've been dying to read but just haven't had time for.

Sunglasses are an essential packing item regardless of your destination. Offering protection for your eyes from anything you may run into on your adventures, sunglasses will prove to be a vital vacation essential.

Bathing Suit
Many timeshare units offer the luxury of a hot tub to their guests. Take advantage of this added perk by packing your bathing suit and indulging. A bathing suit is also an essential item to pack if you're planning to lounge pool or beach-side for the week.

Clothing Layers
Whether your vacation destination of choice is tropical or snow-filled, layers of clothing will come in handy. A chilly airport or timeshare lobby may warrant a jacket in a tropical locale while an indoor fire or heating inside a ski chalet may warrant lighter layers than those worn on the slopes.