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5 Surprising Qualities Of Present-Day Timeshare Owners You Will Have To Read To Believe

September 13, 2018
Surprising Qualities Timeshare Owners

The average timeshare owner is changing and a new "normal" has emerged. The majority of timeshare owners are diverse, educated, and believe in long-term saving. There are timeshare options for people of all ages, families of all sizes and many different locations, but here are the top five qualities of present-day timeshare owners:

1) Diverse Young Families
Present-day timeshare owners are ten years younger than traditional owners, with thirty-nine years old being the median age. Seventy-nine percent of these owners are married and over half have children under the age of eighteen. Additionally, forty-two percent of new owners are African-American or Hispanic.

2) Educated and Employed
The median household income of new timeshare owners is over $90,000 with seventy-two percent working full-time. Twenty-three percent have graduate degrees and an astonishing seventy-two percent are college graduates.

3) Knowledgeable Buyers
New timeshare owners are researching before buying. Seventy-five percent had some sort of interaction with a timeshare resort before making their purchase. Almost half attended multiple presentations before making a decision and rented a timeshare first before buying.

4) Long-term Savers
These new owners are buying for their future. Thirty-six percent bought a timeshare to save money on future vacation and thirty-one percent purchased because of the flexibility.

5) Disposable Income
Present-day timeshare owners are no longer of a single background; young families of all backgrounds are now the top buyers of timeshares. They are diverse, are almost all employed full-time and have disposable income to comfortably purchase their timeshare.

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