Timeshare Exchange Options

Exchange & Explore a Different Destination Every Year

One of the biggest myths about timeshares is that you have to vacation at the same unit, at the same resort year after year. When in most cases, you can exchange your unit for another unit in another resort at a different time with an Exchange company like RCI or Interval International. Owning a timeshare is your golden ticket to seeing the world through Exchange companies.

Timeshare owner satisfaction has been shown to be positively related to a timeshare company's affiliation with an exchange company.1 You will not believe all the places you can see by using your Exchange program in over a 100 countries, even including cruises. You can take a vacation in a different destination every year. Use your timeshare to its fullest potential and make new memories in new places through an Exchange program.

Visit RCI and Interval International to see all the travel options available. Watch inspirational vacation videos on the RCI Vacations Youtube, RCI Europe Youtube and RCI Latinoamerica Youtube channels and at IntervalHD Destinations & Resorts and on Interval Internationa's Youtube channel. You can also view Helpful Videos from Interval International about the exchange process. Also, ARDA provides tips on making the most of your timeshare through exchange programs.

1Gregory, A. M., Parsa, H. G., Nusair, K., Kwun, D. J., & Putrevu, S. (2015). Examining the effects of vacation ownership product attributes on customer satisfaction: An investigation of product purchase and use. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 27(1), 52-70.

Timeshare Exchange Options