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Justice Department Cracks down on Timeshare Fraud

September 24, 2018
Justice Department Cracks Down on Timeshare Fraud

Federal prosecutors are prosecuting timeshare fraud to the fullest extent of the law. In 2017 a Williamsburg-area attorney was sentenced to four years in prison and disbarred for participating in a scam making hundreds of thousands of dollars in fraudulent timeshare transactions. The attorney plead guilty to creating false transfer documents for fake purchasers whose identities were stolen. The tricked sellers were told not to make their payments, which resulted in harm to their credit, as well as maintenance fee and tax losses. Read more about this case.

Timeshare Advocates Seek Justice for Timeshare Scams
American Resort Development Association (ARDA) and ARDA Resort Owners' Coalition (ARDA-ROC) are united in stopping deceptive practices of timeshare exit companies defrauding consumers. Along with timeshare companies they are seeking to bring to justice nefarious attorneys like in the case of the attorney disbarred by the Tennessee Supreme Court for allegations of fraud. The attorney defrauded and misled timeshare owners by taking exorbitant fees for exit and cancellations services.

Consumer Protection Cases Continue to Be Prosecuted
Additional cases being pursued by timeshare companies have resulted in timeshare exit companies filing bankruptcy. ARDA, ARDA-ROC and timeshare companies together with the Justice Department are committed to protecting timeshare owners from fraudulent timeshare exit schemes. Read more about these timeshare exit fraud cases.