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Arkansas Attorney General Files Suit Against Timeshare Exit Company

August 6, 2019
Timeshare Exit Scams

Robert Allison characterizes his time spent addressing fraud-related issues with General Motors as a position requiring confrontation on a daily basis. That he would fall victim to fraud himself seems inconceivable. However he can now be counted among the exponentially growing list of timeshare owners who have been deceived by a Missouri-based company promising to help consumers exit their timeshare.

On July 30th, the Arkansas Attorney General filed suit against Real Travel, LLC for violations of the state's Deceptive Trade Practices Act. The suit alleges that the business used high pressure sales tactics and deception to prey on consumers convincing them to get rid of timeshares. Real Travel then failed to provide services valued at over $130k.

Real Travel was giving consumers a "100% Guarantee" that it would take care of canceling their timeshares in exchange for a fee between $5,000 - $18,000. When no progress had been made, consumers attempted to contact Real Travel to negotiate refunds, but they were unsuccessful.

Real Travel's owners, Brian Scroggs and Bart Bowe were also named in the lawsuit, but this is not the pair's only timeshare “business.” Scroggs and Bowe also operate Vacation Consulting Services and Transfer Group in Missouri. Like Real Travel, the Missouri- based company is at the center of numerous Better Business Bureau complaints alleging fraudulent activity.

For timeshare owners looking to exit their timeshare, it is important to take proper steps to avoid scams like the one allegedly perpetrated by Scroggs and Bowe. Contact your timeshare company first, and if you do decide to exit, visit ARDA's ResponsibleExit.com for tips and follow ARDA's checklist, and be sure to research any exit company with the BBB before you agree to work with them.

Click here to read more about Arkansas' Attorney General case from our source.

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