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The purpose of Timeshare.com is to provide useful consumer information about the world of timeshare ownership from considering a purchase to learning how to safely exit or cancel your timeshare.

If you are considering ownership, we invite you to learn more about a vacation lifestyle that is enjoyed by 8 million families in the U.S. and with resorts in over 95 countries. On Timeshare.com, you will find valuable information, resources and interactive tools that will help you decide if a timeshare is right for you and your family. It is an investment and commitment to a vacationing lifestyle.

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Timeshare Vacations Make Vacations Happen

When you purchase your timeshare you are committing to your family that you will take a vacation every year. The best advice that anyone can get when it comes to timeshare is to use it. You are investing in a lifetime of memorable family vacations. No more will you have unused vacation time. To fully take advantage of all of the benefits of your timeshare contact your timeshare developer or exchange company to help you find new places to explore.

Don't Exit or Cancel Your Timeshare Before Doing Your Research

If you are considering timeshare exit programs, start your research here. We have curated content from news media and from the timeshare industry association's ARDA. We want you to know the facts and dangers of using third party resellers and possibly losing thousands of dollars and damaging your credit. If you want to exit your timeshare, you have options. Contact your Developer or HOA about opportunities they may have to assist with your sale/buy-back, giveback or rental.

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About Fraudulent Timeshare Exit Companies

Beware of Fraudulent Timeshare Exit Companies

You may have seen advertisements promoting companies who claim they can help you exit or cancel your timeshare. There is no guarantee to selling your timeshare and if a company guarantees they can do this for you, beware. These companies have been known to take upfront fees with no results and some have even disappeared. The best course of action is to use your timeshare. If you do consider exiting or canceling your timeshare, it is recommended that you contact your timeshare developer, HOA, Management Company, or exchange company. If you have fallen prey to one of these scams you should contact your state's Attorney General, Federal Trade Commission, FBI, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, U.S. Postal Inspection Service and your Better Business Bureau.