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Women are Trending in Travel Now More Than Ever!

September 16, 2019
Timeshare Vacation Destinations

Women are traveling more than ever! According to a study by the George Washington University School of Business, women made up nearly two-thirds of all travelers in 2018. In fact, 75% of cultural, adventure, and nature travelers are female. And there's more… 80% of all travel decisions are being made by women. No surprise there!

A recent study found that women are more likely to travel on their own than men. Solo travel can be an empowering and fulfilling experience allowing vacation-goers to simultaneously connect with themselves and the world around them. While solo travel used to be considered risky and unsafe for female travelers, women are now embracing the trend with a newfound quest to explore far-off destinations that are made possible by timeshare exchange programs.

With a variety of options around the world, timeshare owners are able to enjoy the freedom to travel with their timeshare ownership. The timeshare industry is making it easier than ever for timeshare travelers to explore exotic vacation destinations like India, Morocco, and Brazil. And, with larger accommodations that often include kitchens and washers/dryers, using a timeshare makes it far easier for solo travelers and larger travel groups to find a timeshare right for them.

No matter how you choose to vacation, there's a timeshare for that!

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