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Why Every Day Should Be National Plan for Vacation Day

February 19, 2019
Why Every Day Should Be National Plan for Vacation Day

Every year, on the last Tuesday in January, people all around the world celebrate one of our favorite holidays - National Plan for Vacation Day! Luckily, planning a timeshare vacation is something that can and should be done all throughout the year.

Americans are notorious for not using all of their vacation days (at the end of 2017, 52% of Americans had unused vacation days.) This needs to change.

  • Did you know that taking a vacation lowers men’s risk of death by 21% or that women who go on trips more frequently are happier in their marriages?
  • Vacationing has also been shown to increase creativity, allowing you to be better at your job once you return to work.
  • Timeshares have been shown to help you live longer. They also provide stress-free planning by making vacationing affordable.
  • Planning for a positive event, like a vacation, has been proven to decrease negative emotions while simultaneously increasing positive emotions.

So if you missed National Plan for Vacation Day, don't fear: it's never too late to put in for some time off and start planning your next adventure. If you're in need of some timeshare travel inspiration, click here.