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Upgrade Your Next Flight With Points From American Express

July 3, 2019
Timeshare Vacation

Getting ready to book a flight to your next timeshare vacation? If you're part of the American Express Membership Rewards family, you're in luck! American Express recently announced travelers are now able to use membership rewards points to bid on flight upgrades.

Members can bid their points, or a combination of points and cash, through a tool on the American Express website by selecting a partner airline, entering their flight reservation details and then selecting their eligible upgrade. The bid is then pitched to the airline using the broker tool, Plusgrade, and given the green light if they accept it.

According to our sources at Skift, twenty-one airlines have already made the plunge to partner with American Express and Plusgrade. This program offers passengers an incentive for their membership loyalty with American Express and also shows the passengers that the airlines appreciate them as well.

This exciting news gives timeshare travelers a chance to kick back and relax in a premium seat on their way to paradise, for a great deal. So if you're racking up points on your Amex, be sure to learn more about this can't miss opportunity before heading to your timeshare vacation.

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