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Timeshare Travel Tips For Honeymooners

July 17, 2019
Timeshare Travel Tips For Honeymooners

After spending months or sometimes years running around planning the perfect wedding, a honeymoon is the long-awaited timeshare vacation that finally gives newlyweds a chance to relax and unwind. Sometimes planning the honeymoon can be just as stressful as planning the wedding, but it doesn't have to be if you remember to follow these simple timeshare travel tips for your honeymoon.

Plan Together
Most likely, you and your spouse took the "divide and conquer" approach when it came to planning the wedding, but that's not the approach you want to take when planning your honeymoon. When it comes to choosing a timeshare destination and creating an itinerary for the trip, it's important to make sure it is tailored to the both of your vacation preferences. Dedicate a day to doing something the groom wants to do and dedicate a day to doing something the bride wants to do.

Be Original
Don't take the same timeshare honeymoon trip that one of your friends or family members took in previous years- you will regret it! Do some research on your timeshare exchange options and see what exotic and unique places are available to you. Use your timeshare to its fullest potential for your honeymoon and make memories in new places. Visit RCI to see all the timeshare travel options available.

You Don't Have To Leave Right Away
Thanks to movies and wedding traditions, newlyweds think they have to leave the night of the wedding or the day after the wedding for their honeymoon timeshare adventure. Instead, consider taking a few days to catch your breath before you leave and let the events of the wedding sink in. Then, when you do arrive at your timeshare resort, you'll be well-rested and ready to have the trip of a lifetime with your significant other.

Make Time For Relaxation
When you get to your timeshare resort, don't feel the need to get moving right away. Unpack your things, pop a bottle of champagne, and spend some down time reading up on the free activities and amenities offered at your timeshare resort.

Sample The Culture
Take time to immerse yourself in the culture where you're honeymooning. Go to a restaurant that serves food the region is known for or head to a local market and create your own dishes in the comfort of your timeshare unit.

Let Your Timeshare Resort Know If You Have Any Special Requests
More than likely, your timeshare resort will be more than happy to make any special accommodations for you and your spouse. Be sure to let them know this is your honeymoon trip upon arriving – you never know what surprise might be in store. For that matter, tell everyone on your trip it's your honeymoon, from the airline check-in agent to the restaurant seating host.

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