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Stretch Out & Relax -These Airlines Offer the Most Legroom

May 23, 2019
Stretch Out & Relax - These Airlines Offer the Most Legroom

Whether it's an easy two hour flight or a draining twelve hour long-haul, timeshare travelers can agree that the available space for a carry-on and amount of legroom offered by an airline is a crucial part of any air travel experience. Thanks to Conde Nast Traveler, we narrowed down which major airlines have the most legroom to help make traveling for your next timeshare vacation the most enjoyable experience yet.

Legroom Ranking for Airlines in the U.S.

1. JetBlue: 33-34 inches
2. Alaska Airlines: 32 inches, Southwest: 32 inches
3. Hawaiian Airlines: 31-32 inches
4. American: 31 inches, Delta: 31 inches, United: 31 inches

According to CN Traveler's research, the international airlines listed below have surpassed some of the U.S. airlines for most legroom provided on long-haul flights.

1. Aeromexico and Interjet: 34 inches
2. Japan Airlines and Turkish Airlines: 33-34 inches
3. South African Airways: 33.5 inches
4. ANA and EVA Airways: 32-34 inches
5. Asiana and Air China: 32-33 inches

When booking your next timeshare vacation and choosing your next airline to fly with, remember that your flight experience is truly based on what you are paying for. So although the low prices on some airlines may look enticing, be sure to take a look at the legroom offered, as well as any other restrictions and/or available amenities.

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