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Making A Restaurant Reservation on Your Timeshare Vacation Has Never Been Easier

April 29, 2019
Timeshare Vacation

Want to make a reservation at a romantic restaurant on your timeshare vacation? Or do you want to find the hottest up-and-coming restaurants in the city? There's an app for that! Finding and making reservations at a timeshare vacation destination has never been easier! Restaurant reservation platforms provide helpful tools that allow users to explore and reserve a table at nearby restaurants, which is especially useful for timeshare owners and other individuals traveling to unfamiliar cities.

Resy, one of the most popular restaurant reservation platforms, has recently been in the headlines as rumors circulate the platform is up for sale, with Google at the top of the list of potential buyers.

Currently, Resy offers its users a plethora of information regarding restaurants - hours, locations, ratings, phone numbers, and photographs. Timeshare owners can easily reserve a table within the service itself, ensuring users have a one-stop shop for all of their restaurant inquiries and needs. Resy even categorizes restaurants based on certain characteristics - party size, seating preferences, critics' picks and more. It also specifies the average cost of a meal at each restaurant.

The Resy app is popular amongst locals and tourists alike, as well as timeshare owners looking to explore the best local restaurants a city has to offer. Make the most out of your timeshare vacation. When you're looking for things to do or places to eat during your next timeshare vacation, check out the recommendations on Resy Yelp or Google Maps!

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