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Holiday Travel: Tips for Packing Christmas Gifts

December 6, 2018
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Traveling to new destinations for the holidays is always fun but sometimes the logistics can be a bit stressful. One such stressor is determining the best way to make sure your Christmas gifts arrive at your destination. Read on to find out the best tips for hassle-free Christmas gift packing.

Think About TSA
If you're traveling to your destination via airline, think about TSA regulations before you decide to pack those gifts. TSA requirements are very strict about liquids and what you can or cannot include in your carry-on. For a detailed list of TSA requirements, click here.

Ship Ahead
An easier option than attempting to pack your Christmas gifts may be to simply ship them ahead to your destination. If you are already ordering your gifts online, consider shipping them to your final destination to avoid the headache of figuring out the transportation of them.

Carry-On Compliant
Since there are strict regulations regarding carry-on items, it may be easier to include your Christmas gifts in your checked luggage. By packing your Christmas gifts in your checked luggage, you can avoid the liquid limits set by carry-ons and carrying them around the airport.

Road Trip Ready
If you're traveling to your holiday destination by car, take care if wrapping your presents before transporting them. The best-laid plans don't often account for the fragility of a perfectly placed bow or that thin wrapping paper. Consider instead transporting your present in large, black trash bags and wrapping them upon arrival at your final destination.

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