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Get Ready To Hike These Top Timeshare Destinations' Trails!

July 11 , 2019
Hiking Timeshare Vacation

If lounging on the beach or by the pool all day isn't your ideal way to spend a timeshare vacation, then pack your backpack and throw on your hiking boots for an adventure to these top timeshare destinations for hikers!

Sedona, AZ
Bring plenty of water and enjoy a hike in the Arizona desert on your timeshare vacation! Sedona has amazing trails for all levels of hiking. Find trails along the river, in the mountains, through canyons, and to picturesque vistas and heritage sites. Check out these top trails and hiking experiences.
For more information on hiking in Sedona, click here.

Lake Tahoe, CA
Explore the beauty of Lake Tahoe through miles of wooded hiking trails. When you get to your timeshare, do some research on which trails are right for you. Head north and hike 10,000 feet up into the sky or down along the shore of Emerald Bay. The trails in North Lake Tahoe range from simple strolls to steep switchbacks. Check out these top hiking trails and hiking sites.
For more information on hiking in Lake Tahoe, click here.

El Yunque, Puerto Rico
Immerse yourself in the diverse nature of the El Yunque rainforest and find yourself on a tropical timeshare adventure. Explore hiking trails that lead you through the forest and discover a variety of unique plant and animal species along the way. Visit these top hiking trails during your timeshare vacation!
For more information on hiking in El Yunque, click here.

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