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Helpful Travel Apps To Download Before Your Next Trip

March 22, 2019
Travel Apps to Download

Efficient planning and having the necessary items makes all the difference between a stressful trips and carefree timeshare vacations. In order to make sure your travel days go off without a hitch, we've narrowed down some of the most helpful travel apps that you will be thankful to have on your next timeshare getaway.

At Your Gate
The only thing worse than flying hungry are the crowded eateries and lengthy lines for food at the airport. At Your Gate has got you covered with an in-airport delivery app for passengers, flight crews, and airport employees. This app not only delivers food from restaurants directly to your gate, but say you forgot a phone charger or your favorite book, At Your Gate even has delivery service to shops around the airport.

Culture Trip
Culture Trip is an app written and curated by locals and enhanced travelers to help you discover the most amazing things to do, see, and experience in over 300 locations worldwide. One of the benefits of timeshare is being able to exchange and explore a different destination around the world each year. This app makes local culture globally accessible and enables users to explore things to do in their chosen location.

Elk Currency Converter
Currency conversion can be tricky when traveling outside of the country. Elk Currency Converter app provides a simplistic approach to currency conversion, and can be useful for when you need a quick way to get an idea of how much something costs. This app is also suitable for the Apple Watch, so Elk is ready to convert whenever you raise your wrist. It will definitely come in handy for world travel when using your timeshare!

Google Translate
Language barriers can sometimes be seen as a disadvantage of traveling in a foreign country. Google Translate has shaped that barrier into an opportunity to learn a whole new language, without the fear of the barrier. This app can translate over 37 languages via photo, voice, text, and now even with the scribble of your finger.

Mobile Passport
Carve out a little extra time in the airport by downloading Mobile Passport Control. This app enables travelers to speed through customs without Global Entry, and sometimes even faster. Now at the palm of your hand you can simply fill out all your declarations, get sent through a special line at immigration, and before you know it you're in baggage claim.

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