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Going International? Remember These Helpful Travel Tips

May 24, 2019
International Travel Tips

Are you ready to venture into the unknown and take an international timeshare vacation? Exchanging your timeshare for a vacation abroad is just what the doctor ordered! These simple tips can help your international timeshare vacation go smoothly so you can enjoy your international destination to the fullest. Immersing yourself in a completely new culture can be eye-opening and extremely thrilling, but we don't recommend going overseas unprepared. Making sure your travel documents are up-to-date and alerting your bank of your travel plans is crucial. But following these simple international timeshare travel tips can help relieve your worries before, during, and after your travels!

Timeshare ownership is your ticket to seeing the world. But if you're looking to book a stay during a popular vacation time or holiday, make your reservation as far out as your timeshare company or exchange program allows. Booking your vacation early is the best way to confirm your stay during the busy travel seasons. Call your customer service representative for more insider tips.

Nowadays, baggage fees can really impact your international travel expenses if you are not careful. But when you own a timeshare, there's no need to spend money on multiple checked bags for you and the whole family. Unlike a hotel room, many timeshare units come equipped with a washer and dryer or the resort will have laundry facilities, which means you can pack less and do laundry during your timeshare vacation. Not sure exactly what to pack for your international trip? Click here for a full list.

Take some time before you leave for your international timeshare vacation to research the location you're traveling to. If you're a foodie, look up the best cafes surrounding the popular sights and add them to your itinerary. If art is your thing, research the best local art galleries and museums so you're not scrambling when you get there. Solid preparation will give you that extra time to relax and enjoy whatever you want to enjoy most on your overseas timeshare vacation.

Leave room in your itinerary for local experiences and surprises. Step outside of your comfort zone to explore like a local. When you arrive, pass on skimming the internet and instead ask a stranger on the street what their favorite restaurant or pub is. The staff at your timeshare resort is likely to be locals, and they are bound to know the best things to see, experience, and eat.

It's getting harder and harder to truly unplug in our modern society, but on vacation, you should absolutely do it! If you do your research and make an itinerary, you won't need to use your phone as a guide. Forgo the international package from your phone carrier, set your email auto-response, and actually enjoy your international timeshare vacation. Vacations are good for your health, after all!

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