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Hate Flying? These Essential Tips Will Make Air Travel Smooth And Stress-Free!

January 10, 2019
Essential Tips Will Make Air Travel Smooth And Stress-Free

Airports are not for the faint of heart. Air travel can leave even the most experienced travellers feeling overwhelmed. But don't let that lingering fear ruin the start to your timeshare vacation! Check out these helpful tips to keep stress to a minimum and actually enjoy your vacation.

Check-in Online
This is probably one of the most simple steps you can take to making your travel experience stress-free. No more standing in line for the agent or searching for your confirmation at a busy kiosk. Checking a bag? No problem! Most airlines will have a luggage drop off for those that have already checked in online. Only traveling with a carry-on? Straight through to security you go.

Select Your Seats Ahead Of Time
Many airlines allow you to select your seats during online check-in. DO IT! Solo travelers will have a better chance of snagging that window/aisle seat and groups might actually get to sit together. No more bartering with fellow passengers so you and your new spouse can sit together ON YOUR HONEYMOON.

Pack A Carry On
Nothing ruins a vacation faster than lost luggage. On the side of caution, pack a change of clothes (a bathing suit if you're going somewhere tropical) and any other essential items like medicine, important documents, cash, etc.

Keep Travel Documents Together
This is ESSENTIAL for international travel. Before even booking a flight, look into what documents you will need. Is your passport up to date? Are your tickets on your phone? Why can you NEVER remember which wallet your ID is in? Once you've got all your documents together, keep them together, preferably in an outside pocket of your purse or carry on.

Look Into TSA Precheck
Apply for TSA Precheck and skip the line. No more removing layers and shoes and digging through your perfectly packed carry on for electronics and liquids. We seriously recommend this for both frequent flyers and families.

Congratulations! You've made it through the security lines and boarding madness. It's smooth sailing (or should we say flying) from here to your fabulous timeshare resort.

For more tips on making your plane ride easier, check out this article from Business Insider.