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Top Five Do's and Don'ts When Visiting Hawaii For Your Timeshare Vacation

July 8, 2019
Hawaii Timeshare Vacation

Do you want take your next timeshare getaway in paradise? The ocean breeze, colorful sunsets, and aloha spirit are calling you and your loved ones to Hawaii! So book your flight, pack your bags, and get ready to unwind in one of the most beautiful places in the world during your next timeshare vacation.

To make sure you enjoy your timeshare vacation to the fullest, check out these do's and don'ts while planning your trip to Hawaii.

1. Do: Look into a timeshare exchange in Hawaii
You don't need to leave the country to find an island that feels like paradise. Use your timeshare exchange program to book a resort in Hawaii and enjoy the gorgeous scenery, beautiful beaches, and exciting activities to keep everyone entertained. It is no wonder Hawaii is rated a top timeshare vacation destination.
Don't: Assume you'll dodge costs by booking a hotel or Airbnb
Although the prices of hotels and Airbnb's in Hawaii may seem reasonable at first, the final cost of your overall vacation will be way more than you expected. Airbnb's and hotels come with expensive fees that add up in the end. Service fees, cleaning fees and taxes can come to an additional $100+ at check out.

2. Do: Check out the free activities at your timeshare resort
Your timeshare resort will have plenty of information on nearby resort activities. Head to the beach where you might find surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, paddle boarding and even hula lessons. With a timeshare, it's easy to travel on a budget while still having a full itinerary!
Don't: Pay an exorbitant amount of money for eating out and off-site attractions
The best way to enjoy your timeshare vacation is to take advantage of the many amenities it has to offer! Save a fortune by buying groceries in bulk and cooking in your timeshare unit as well as find out which activities and local attractions your timeshare resort offers.

3. Do: Take a scenic hike
There is a lot more to Hawaii than gorgeous beaches. Enjoy the great outdoors by lacing up your shoes and going for a hike to check out the many trails around the islands. If you're traveling with your family, Diamond Back is a great trail close to Waikiki beach. Or head 30 minutes from Waikiki to Oahu and hike along the paved path of the Makapu'u Lighthouse Trail with a beautiful view of the ocean.
Don't: Limit yourself to just one beach
When you get to your timeshare resort, make sure you ask about the different beaches in the area. The staff at your resort will be able to give you insider information, like which beaches are family friendly or which beaches have the best surf. Check out a different beach each day while on your timeshare vacation.

4. Do: Visit the Pearl Harbor Memorial
Carve out an entire day on your timeshare vacation for visiting the Pearl Harbor National Memorial. You can schedule a reservation at the National Park Service's site to book a spot for a tour of the memorial. The USS Arizona Memorial will be closed for repairs until later this fall, but visitors are able to take a narrated tour at Battleship Row, which is nearby the USS Arizona Memorial.
Don't: Be fooled by the fake Pearl Harbor websites that may look official
While there are plenty of tours to Pearl Harbor, the official website for the memorial is the National Park Service's. Be aware of this when creating your timeshare itinerary and buying your tickets.

5. Do: Check out local markets and shops
You can find the most authentic souvenirs at local markets and shops in town. Take advantage of handmade items and crafts thanks to local farmers and vendors. You can also find great items at stores, such as ABC stores that sell coffee, macadamia nuts, t-shirts and other Hawaiian souvenirs.
Don't: Wait to buy souvenirs at the airport
Don't wait until you get to the airport to find souvenirs. The airport gift shops lack authenticity and are generally much more expensive than the markets and shops around town.

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