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Dive Into These Top Scuba Timeshare Destinations

May 23, 2019
Dive Into These Top Scuba Timeshare Destinations

Are you an avid scuba diver unsure of where to explore next? Or perhaps you're simply wanting to try scuba diving with a friend or loved one on your next timeshare vacation. Whatever experience you may have, everyone should try scuba diving at least once! It's not often you can have the opportunity to explore coral reefs and historical artifacts next to some of the world's most beautiful marine life. Here are some top scuba diving destinations for your next timeshare vacation. Don't forget to pack your fins!

Fort Lauderdale, Florida offers warm waters year-round, making it an ideal place to scuba dive at just about any time of the year. The water can get as warm as 80 degrees in the summer, and only drops to about 72 degrees in the winter. Over the past 20 years, artificial reef programs have been placing artificial reefs all over the ocean floor, attracting a wide variety of fish and marine life. Today, Greater Fort Lauderdale is home to the largest collection of warm-water wrecks. Check out these signature wrecks on your scuba diving timeshare adventure:
  • The SS Copenhagen - This underwater museum provides a vast 325-foot discovery in only 25 feet of water. With its shallow depth, it has become a popular hot-spot for beginner as well as advanced scuba divers and snorkelers alike.
  • The Captain Dan - This ex-Coast Guard tender now lies 70' below the surface with her deck much lower at 90'. The 175-foot sunken ship is now home to many species of fish such as the goliath grouper, amberjack, and barracuda. The site is a great get-away from your normal diving spots and has many access holes, making it easy to enter and exit the wreck.
  • Rapa Nui Reef - Located just off the Deerfield Beach International Fishing Pier, the Rapa Nui Reef is manmade and gives divers the opportunity to explore a variety of marine life in their natural habitat. The environment encompasses a depth of 70' below the surface. Rapa Nui reef, translated to Easter Island in Polynesian, is a reef that serves as a monumental tribute to the famous stone figures.
  • Shipwreck Park - A mile from the Pompano Beach fishing pier sits Lady Luck, a 324' ship at the center of what is now known as Shipwreck Park for many divers. Being one of the largest contributions to Florida's artificial reefs this site doubles as the most easily accessible major dive in the nation. Divers can also visit and rediscover up to 16 shipwrecks in the surrounding area.
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St. Thomas, Virgin Island
Similar to Fort Lauderdale, St. Thomas has an average water temperature of around 82° F in the summer and 80° F in the winter. The crystal clear waters of St. Thomas also make it the perfect place for timeshare travelers to explore the depths of the water, with underwater visibility ranging from 60 to 100 feet. You'll have no trouble spotting over 500 species of fish, 40 types of coral, and hundreds of unique and unusual invertebrates. Check out this list of the top scuba diving sites including wrecks and reefs:
  • Navy Barges - Post WWII, the twin Navy Barges served as accommodations for American troops and was later sunk 40' below the surface on a sandy bottom. Divers can explore both trails in one dive and visit the teeming marine life that inhabit all levels of water leading to the ocean floor.
  • Cow & Calf - The Cow & Calf dive site received its name from the protruding rocks that break the ocean's surface resembling two whales - a mother and a calf. The dive site gives divers a range of ledges, open canyons and immense caves.
  • Tunnels of Thatch - The black rock arches and lava tubes are indicative of the volcanic origin of the islands of St. Thomas. Divers often weave their way through a series of unique tunnels, shoulders and reefs that populate through the islands interior.
  • Coki Beach - Coki Beach is home to two fringing reefs located 50 yards offshore and separated by a sandy flat. Beginner and advanced divers enter the pool-like conditions to find bar jacks, grunts, yellow headed jawfish and cleaner shrimp. An occasional friendly stingray or turtle can be seen passing by.
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Oahu, HI
Hawaii is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places in the world, but many people don't know that it is just as beautiful under the water! Bright, tropical fish, 1,200 miles of coral reefs, and turquoise blue waters make snorkeling and scuba diving the most popular water activities for timeshare vacationers on Oahu. There are a variety of calm beaches to explore, but there are also snorkeling tours and boat charters to hop on that will take you out to sea.
  • Hanauma Bay Dive Tours - Hanauma Bay Dive Tours is an experience that can be enjoyed by scuba veterans and even kids as young as age 12. The clear and protected waters of this environment's marine preserve offer plenty of interactions with Hawaii's unique tropical fish and green sea turtles.
  • Dive Oahu & Surf - Dive Oahu offers one of the best diving experiences in the Oahu region that range from shallow reefs to rediscovering deep shipwrecks such as the Sea Tiger, YO-257 and San Pedro. The deep reefs, as you voyage further into the Oahu depths, give way of up to five unique habitats housing red squirrel fish, blue striped snappers, Moray Eels and Leaf Scorpion Fish.
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