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Can't Miss Tips For Traveling With Youngsters

June 19, 2019
Timeshare Travel Tips

Summer is the perfect time to plan a timeshare vacation with you family. But, many parents feel overwhelmed at the thought of traveling both short and long distances with young children. However, there are a lot of great reasons why you should travel with kids and make memories as a family on your next timeshare vacation, whether that be at the beach, the lake, the mountains, or somewhere international. Follow these helpful tips for a fun vacation experience that you'll want to take over and over again.

Allow for plenty of extra time
When you're traveling with children, everything will take longer than it would with a group of adults, especially at the airport. Plan to get to the airport two to three hours before your boarding time so that everyone can get their bags checked and get through security with plenty of time to use the bathroom, get water, and find a comfortable spot at the departure gate.

Pre-book activities
If you have the opportunity, pre-book your activities before heading off to your timeshare vacation destination. Contact your timeshare resort prior to leaving for a scheduled list of free activities and if you're planning to head to any local attractions offsite, such as water parks, theme parks, or shows - buy discounted tickets beforehand from websites like

Give your kids your contact information
Before leaving for your timeshare trip, give your children a card with the contact information of all the adults on the trip. This includes name, phone number, email address and your timeshare resort address. In the event your children get lost, this will be the best way for them or another adult to reach you. If your kids have phones, confirm the find the phone/friends apps are working.

Don't overpack
Don't make traveling to your timeshare more complicated than it has to be by overpacking for everyone in the family. The beauty of a timeshare is that unlike a hotel room, many timeshare units come equipped with a washer and dryer, so your child can simply pack a backpack as a carry-on and have clean clothes throughout your entire timeshare vacation.

Schedule downtime
A long day of walking and exploring can be draining not only for the kids, but for adults as well. Plan time for everyone to relax and recharge, whether that be at the pool or laying low and watching a movie in your timeshare unit.

Give your kids a disposable camera
Your timeshare vacation should be about making memories as a family. Keep the kids engaged by giving them their own disposable camera to take pictures with!

Bring toys and electronic games
Entertaining the children throughout your entire timeshare vacation can be a challenge. The best way to keep kids from getting bored is by having a few toys or electronics on hand for them to play with. Of course, limiting time on electronic devices is important, but they can be a real lifesaver for a long car ride or anywhere else that makes playing with toys difficult. Remember to have movies or games downloaded in case you're in an area without WiFi.

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